Boodles from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey's Monster Musical. Voice by Chloë Grace Moretz.

Boodles is a another devices that delivers Mouse-ka-tools called monster Mouse-ka-tools.

This one is female like Quoodles.

When her name is called "Oh Boodles!" she comes and says "Boo!" scaring someone every time.

Like Toodles,Goofles, and Quoodles, she and the other three have faces and voices unlike Woodles.

She has A Mouse-ka-doer of her own the Count Mickula Operates instead of Mickey Mouse.

She doesn't stutter Like how Toodles,Goofles and Quoodles do.

At the end of the Mickey's Monster Musical, Boodles says "See ya real soon...Boo!".


Cure Scarlet Boodles Premium Cure Scarlet Boodles