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Clarabelle is a funny cow from the series and Goofy's girlfriend (even though she's in love with Horace Horsecollar). She had small camera time in the beginning and middle of the first season. As it ended she became very well known and seen very often in the show.

Clarabelle Info Edit

Clarabelle is seen very often in the series and is usually the host for a t.v. show of some sort. She even has her own show called The Clarabelle Show. She also owns her very own shop and bakery. Clarabelle sells many things and is very famous around the Clubhouse. She is also best friend with Minnie and Daisy.

Personality Edit

Clarabelle is a type of celebrity in the world of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Mostly because she host special events and owns many (if not all) stores. Clarabelle personality is similar to Goofy's. She can be a little clumsy but knows when to focus on what's important similar to Daisy.

Roles Edit

Clarabelle have played the following


Clarabelle Cow/Gallery

Trivia Edit

  • Clarabelle's store is the Moo Mart.
  • Clarabelle, Goofy and Pete are the only ones to host a show.
  • Clarabelle owns a puppy named Bella.
  • Clarabelle dressed up as "Mother Goose" And sang to the clubhouse pals (And Goofy) in the episode "Goofy Babysits."