Clubhouse is the main area of the series. It is where Mickey and the Gang go to relax and have fun. It was created by Ludwig Von Drake and is owned by Mickey Mouse.

Location Edit

The Clubhouse is located somewhere in the beautiful world of Mickey Mouse in a bright summer like surrounding in a forest.

Functions Edit

The Clubhouse is capable of disappearing once the Gang leaves for the day. The Clubhouse can only appear by the Magic words. The magic words are driven from a popular Mickey Mouse series called the Mickey Mouse Club. The words are Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse!. Once the words are spoken the clubhouse will appear. If someone was to incorrectly say the words parts of the clubhouse will disconnect and be located in a far off area.

Design Edit

The Clubhouse was design to look like Mickey Mouse. The features are...

  • The Yellow-Orange Shoe - Garage
  • White Glove - Glove Balloon
  • Red Pants With Yellow Shoe- Main Living area. The Shoe connected to the pants is used as an entrance.
  • Black Mouse Head - transportation route to the ears
  • Black Ears - Band area and Telescope
  • The Trees- So they can breath

Though it is designed to like like Mickey, it has some extra features such as

  • A blue slide-used by Daisy in the opening
  • Pluto's doghouse-where Pluto lives
  • A yellow gate-A main entrance
  • Stones-follow it to the entranceof the Clubhouse

It also appears to have an orange sand pit with purple stones.

Handy HelpersEdit

The Handy Helpers are self controlled machines created to do daily jobs such as cook, clean etc. It was revealed the Mickey and the gang think of the handy helpers as helpful friends and not servents. When the the Handy Helpers began acting crazy, Mickey and Friends decided to help out stating their friends.

The Surprise Switch Edit

The Surprise switch is a large lever that will be able to do something amazing to the Clubhouse. The Surprise switch was used to create the Clubhouse carnival in order to have corn for the petting zoo chickens. It was also used to fulfill Goofy's dream in becoming a Knight. In the episode "Toodles Troubles", Toodles pulls the Surprise Switch and Toodles' ball rolls and Mickey drags Minnie to see Toodles' ball rolling and toodles lol's at Mickey draging Minnie.