Daisy Princess

Daisy is holding her dress.


" A Giant Comb A Pony A Megaphone Shape Keys Aun episodio della quarta stagione trasmesso su Disney Junior il 5 aprile 2013.

Hi princess daisy hi billy good to see you you and goofy are playing dress up right that's right billy I see princess daisy you look. S o pretty in that purple dress πŸ‘— and those purple gloves oh thank you billy you're welcome princess daisy Billy 😘 princess daisy on her hand oh that's so wonderful thank you you're welcome princess daisy princess daisy giggles 🀑


  • mickey mouse
  • daisy duck
  • goofy
  • Provestoor von drake


  • Minnie
  • Pluto
  • Clarabella

Trivia Edit

  • Questo episodio segna la prima apparizione di amici assenti dalla Quarta stagione.