Daisy in the Sky
Season 1, Episode 15 (U.S.A.) 25 (Japan)
Air date September 16, 2006 (U.S.A.) October 1, 2006 (Japan)
Written by Brad Rozman
Directed by Sherie Pollack
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Pluto's Puppy-Sitting Adventure
Pluto's Best

Daisy in the Sky is the fifteenth episode of the first season.


It's Happy Balloon Day and Professor Von Drake is giving away balloons. When Daisy borrows too many balloons for a picture, she's carried away with Minnie and Pluto in tow.

Characters PresentEdit


  • A beach ball
  • A giant candy cane
  • A party horn
  • A piggy bank


  • Daisy kisses Mickey in this episode.
  • This and Pluto's Puppy Sitting Adventure aired on the same day Handy Manny premiered.
  • On international airings, this has the Buena Vista logo at the end.


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