"Donald's Clubhouse" is the 19th episode from the third season that originally aired on Disney Junior on June 9, 2011.


Mickey leaves Donald in charge of the clubhouse and it quickly turns into a disaster area when he and Goofy make a huge mess just before Mother Goose Clarabelle is to visit.


  • At the end of the show's opening sequence, Donald Duck enters the screen as Mickey reads the title of the show and replaces the "Mickey Mouse" part of the show title with Donald's name... thus forming the title of this episode. Also, it's the only episode in which the show's opening theme song is given a "Donald Duck" makeover (although it plays after all the Mouseketools are gathered).

Mouseketools Edit

  1. Three Boxes
  2. A Baseball Glove
  3. A Flag
  4. A Baby Elephant