Donald's Hiccups is the 27th and last episode of Season 1.


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse singers are set to appear on Clarabelle's TV show when Donald's hiccups became contagious!

Characters PresentEdit

Absent Edit


  • A glue stick
  • Tapdancing shoes
  • A toy thermometer


  • This is the second of only 5 episodes when Donald Duck wears nothing but a blue pair of swimming shorts for when he enters the water.
  • "Mickey Mouse Club March" was one of the song in this episode. 
  • This episode was released on DVD March 20, 2007.
  • This episode is on the DVD, Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt
  • This is the last episode for Season 1, to air in 2007, and to use the 2002 Playhouse Disney logo.

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