Donald Fauntleroy Duck "Donald Dick" is another one of Mickey's Close friends who helps out in problems and have fun with the Mickey and the Gang.

Donald Duck's Appearance Edit

Donald is an antrophomorphic duck with white feathers. His beak and feet are orange. His eyes are big and oval. His hands are similar to human's, but instead of 5 fingers he has only 4 fingers. Each of his feet has 3 toes. The soles of his feet are undeluted and flat. He wears a blue jacket with a red bow. Finally, he wears a blue sailor hat.

Donald Duck's Personality Edit

Although Donald is a good friend of Mickey and Friends He does get a lot of boners.

Donald and Daisy Edit

Donald is the boyfriend of Daisy Duck who usually convinces Donald to listen to Mickey ideas for once instead of being stubborn all the time.

Donald as a Hero Edit

Donald has always been shown to be a hero when he has to be. When a pack of Ducks became stranded in the Clubhouse Donald sacrificed his time to help Mickey take the Ducks back.

Donald and RonaldEdit

Donald has a mean cousin named Ronald Duck!

Roles Edit

  • Daisy Duck's Boyfriend
  • Mickey Mouse's Best friend
  • Leader
  • Dancer
  • Pilot
  • Troubadour
  • Space Captain
  • Hero
  • Cowboy
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • King (Seen in "Pluto's Tale")
  • Genie
  • Uncle
  • Cameraman
  • Greeter
  • Farmer
  • The Duck Avenger
  • Cousin (will be revealed in Donald's Rival)

Trivia Edit

  • Donald Hates jokes
  • Donald wants to be the owner of the Clubhouse
  • Donald is afraid of Daisy and sometimes became shy when she is close to him and likes when she kisses him the on cheek sometimes.
  • Donald tries to trick people to be loved.
  • Donald likes to play golf.
  • Donald once cried and weeped hysterically because he was hungry in 'Goofy Babysitter'.
  • Donald always gets in trouble sometimes.

Gallery Edit