Donald and the Butterflies is an episode that was released in Late 2014 (December). It is the 1st episode in the fifth season in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Plot Edit

Donald sees some butterflies, Mickey wonders where the butterflies have gone. Donald says that they've gone to Mexico, so Mickey gets Toddles to get some Mouskatools and Mickey wonders how are they gonna go to Mexico. Mickey calls Toodles and they chose the airplane that's big and they go to Mexico. Then Donald needs something that smells bad to attract the butterflies. So Mickey calls Toodles. Mickey chose the Mystery Mousekatool. Today's mystery mouskatool is butterfly wings. Then Donald finds a jar and some butterflies. Donald puts a caterpillar into a jar. Mickey says "Let's Go Home." But they've forgot two Mouskatools. Flowers and Minnie. So they chose the rest of the Mouskatools. Donald gives Minnie a flower. Minnie says "Thanks Donald!" Then they go home and do the hotdog dance.

Mousekatools Edit

  • An airplane that's big
  • Flowers
  • Minnie
  • Mystery Mousekatool (Butterfly Wing)

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