Done Day is the goodbye song before Noggin signs off.

Moose A. Moose: Hi kids, we sure had a fun day today. Didn't we Zee? Great. But now the day is over and our Noggin friends are gone for the day, so that means it's time for us to go. Goodbye kids, I'll see you again tomorrow.

We're gonna say goodbye to the trees and bees

Say goodbye to the hole with the ants and a mole

We're gonna leave our paints set them out to dry

Put out pencils down, and wave goodbye

We'll wave goodbye to the number 10

Say goodbye to all the numbers and then

We'll say so long to A through Z

Until next time when you come with me

It was a fun day

(A fun day)

But now it's a done day

(A done day)

Its time to say goodbye it was great we can't wait.

Till once again we all say hi,

but for now we' ll say goodbye

We must be on our way

(On our way)

We will shout

I used my Noggin today.

I used my Noggin today.

Background informationEdit

To be added.


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