"Goofy's Gone" is the 24th episode from Season 3 that originally aired on Disney Junior on October 24, 2011.


The Go-Getters team have a mission from captain agent Von Drake: Find Goofy when he is lost. The Go-Getters follow footprints and honey drops to Goofy who is wearing her scuba gear.

Characters present Edit

  1. Mickey
  2. Pluto
  3. Minnie
  4. Daisy
  5. Goofy
  6. Toodles
  7. Clarabelle
  8. Professor Von Drake
  9. Donald (Cameo)
  10. Buzz-Buzz the bee
  11. Pete


  1.  Is the second and last Go-Getters episode.
  2.  Professor Von Drake wears the secret spy captain outfit for second time.
  3.  Minnie is a detective for fourth time.
  4.  Daisy is a secret spy for fourth time
  5.  Clarabelle is a superhero for second time.
  6. The toon car is purple for third time.
  7. Goofy appears without her hat for nineth time.
  8. Is the last episode where Mickey and her friends use the mystery mousketool at the second time.
  9. Clarabelle and Professor Von Drake invites the cast in the hot dog dance scene.

Mouseketools Edit

  1. A handy fishing line
  2. A giant slide
  3. A big hand fan
  4. An elephant