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Kiss, Kiss is a episode after Daisy's Pony Tale. It will premiere on April 10 2013 on Disney Junior.


One day, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse falls in love when everyone else is sick.


  • Everyone but Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.


  • Mickey Mouse (not sick)
  • Minnie Mouse (not sick)
  • Donald Duck (is talked about)
  • Goofy (is talked about)
  • Daisy Duck (is talked about)
  • Pluto (is talked about)
  • Others are sick

Future UpdatesEdit

The episode, Kiss, Kiss will be a new Mickey cartoon series on Disney XD and it will be called, The Love of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

Episodes and Seasons of The Love of Mickey Mouse and Minnie MouseEdit

Season 1Edit

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