Ludwig Von Drake is a very smart scientist, Donald's uncle, and creator of the clubhouse. He has also created thing such as the clubhouse brain Toodles and the clubhouse computer Mouskadoer.

Personality Edit

Ludwig Von Drake is a very fun character and can be a little crazy sometimes even though he just wants to have fun. He always tries to invent new things in order to make life easier for him and his friends.

Inventions Edit

Von Drake has created various inventions such as balloon suites for transportation and automatic lawnmowers.

the top 10 sillyest inventions he made

  • 10: the surprise switch
  • 9: the musical instruments in left ear
  • 8: the mousekadoer
  • 7: toodles
  • 6: mickey's car
  • 5: the pitcher maker
  • 4: mickey's funfair
  • 3: minnie's rollerskates
  • 2: the handy helpers
  • 1: the clubhouse

Friends Edit

Roles Edit

  • Scientist
  • Secret Spy Captain
  • Secret Agent
  • Best Friend
  • Father
  • A Dreamer
  • Leader
  • Doctor
  • Dancer
  • Hot Dog Seller


Trivia Edit

  • Von Drake is Donald's Uncle.
  • Von Drake created the Clubhouse in recognition of Mickey Mouse.
  • He once had a crush on Daisy.
  • He Sometimes gets annoyed with Donald's behavior.
  • In the House Of Mouse episode Hydrosquirter he loses his towel leaving him stark naked.
  • Von Drake originated in the 1960s Walt Disney Anthology Series, Walt Disney's World of Color, as Walt's assistant.
  • Von Drake's voice was originated by the late Paul Frees.

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