Ludwig Von Drake is a very smart scientist, Donald's uncle, and creator of the clubhouse. He has also created thing such as the clubhouse brain Toodles and the clubhouse computer Mouskadoer.

Personality Edit

he is a nerd who lives on the side of a road in a cardboard box

Inventions Edit

Von Drake has created various inventions such as balloon suites for transportation and automatic lawnmowers.

the top 10 sillyest inventions he made

  • 10: the surprise switch
  • 9: the musical instruments in left ear
  • 8: the mousekadoer
  • 7: toodles
  • 6: mickey's car
  • 5: the pitcher maker
  • 4: mickey's funfair
  • 3: minnie's rollerskates
  • 2: the handy helpers
  • 1: the clubhouse

Friends Edit

Roles Edit

  • Scientist
  • Secret Spy Captain
  • Secret Agent
  • Best Friend
  • Father
  • A Dreamer
  • Leader
  • Doctor
  • Dancer
  • Hot Dog Seller


Trivia Edit

  • Von Drake is Donald's Uncle.
  • Von Drake created the Clubhouse in recognition of Mickey Mouse.
  • He once had a crush on Daisy.
  • He Sometimes gets annoyed with Donald's behavior.
  • In the House Of Mouse episode Hydrosquirter he loses his towel leaving him stark naked.
  • Von Drake originated in the 1960s Walt Disney Anthology Series, Walt Disney's World of Color, as Walt's assistant.
  • Von Drake's voice was originated by the late Paul Frees.