Mickey's Big Surprise is the 40th episode of the second season and the final season 2 episode.


Mickey has a big surprise for his friends. Will fireworks be it after five puzzles are being solved?

Characters PresentEdit


  • A bag of flour
  • A pogo stick
  • Toy tweezers
  • A monkey (the mouseke think-about-it tool).


  • This episode was first released exclusively on the Playhouse Disney website in February 2009, a year before its official broadcast.
  • This is the first episode to have a mouseke think-about-it tool.
  • In the scene where it turns into night, It is night, then it is light behind Goofy, then dark again.

End CreditsEdit

  • Recapping how Donald hopped on the numbered stones by tens.


  • Mickey: (Singing) A-fizzle, a-fuzzles. It's fun to solve my puzzles. A-fizzle, a-fuzzles. Let's go!

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