Mickey's Camp Out is an episode from the second season.


Mickey and the rest of the Clubhouse friends have a "Big Clubhouse Camp Out." They are trying to to earn a Clubhouse Camp Out badge for each one of them by doing two tasks at a campsite. They head out to Circle Lake and do all sorts of activities that campers do at their campsite (e.g. camp, fish, tell spooky stories, etc.). First, they set up their tents and every time their tent set-up is finished, a flag pops out of the ground. Then, they went out to Circle Lake to catch Gooey Fish but Donald caught one himself until his boat speeds crazily and wildly out of control like a speedboat around the pond knocking down the Clubhouse friends' tents and flags and crashing into the camper. Even though most of the tents and their flags now lie ruined around the camper, Donald allows everyone to come to his tent, which is the only tent remaining out of the 4 tents there were.

Characters PresentEdit


  1. A Leaf Blower - To blow air back into Minnie and Daisy's tent
  2. A Woodpecker - To cut Mickey and Pluto's wooden tent pole
  3. A Metal Pot - To wake up Willie the Giant
  4. Balloony Balloons - To hold up the middle of Goofy and Pete's tent

End CreditsEdit

  • Recapping how many tents Mickey and the gang set up and how many friends each tent had.