Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt
Season 1, Episode 24
[[Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt title card|250px]]
Air date March 20, 2007
Written by Jason Oliver
Directed by Kelly Ward
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Goofy's Petting Zoo
Doctor Daisy, M.D.

Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt is the 1st Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movie. It's also the 24th episode from the first season.

Plot Edit

Pete is upset that he isn't invited To The Easter Egg Hunt But When He Recites The Wrong Magic Words (Wrong Magic Words:Piska Pooska Pick-A-Mouse),The Clubhouse's Sections Float Away In Different Directions.

Characters PresentEdit

  1. Wayne Allwine as Mickey Mouse (main protagonist)
  2. Corey Burton as Ludwig Von Drake (the duetergonist)
  3. Jim Cummings as Pete (the former main antagonist), Mean Pete and Nice Pete (minor characters)
  4. Russi Taylor as Minnie Mouse (one of the tritagonists)
  5. Bill Farmer as GoofyPluto (two of the tritagonists)
  6. Tony Anselmo as Donald Duck (one of the tritagonists)
  7. Tress MacNeille as Daisy Duck (one of the tritagonists)
  8. April Winchell as Clarabelle Cow (the former seconday antagonist)
  9. Toodles (does not speak)
  10. Jake Frymer as Chip N' Dale


  1. a pacifier
  2. Caja de herramientas de Mickey
  3. Una grúa
  4. Un montón de globos


  1. Mickey's opening speech before the start of the show' theme song is altered for this episode. In this one, he says "I forget this every time." He also says the magic words nedds to be said exactly right of something funny might happen. Plus, a spoof of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse appears as Pete's Clubhouse as Pete's think bubble appears trying to lead the clubhouse.
  2. This episode was released on DVD March 20, 2007.
  3. This episode is the very 1st movie.
  4. At the end of the credits, the characters put their arms up.

The lyrics of Pete's ClubhouseEdit

Pete's Clubhouse

Pete's Clubhouse

Pete's Clubhouse

Pete's Clubhouse

Pete's Clubhouse

Pete's Clubhouse

Pete's Clubhouse


Mickey Uh Oh We Got To Stop It To Tell Donald To Stop We Say Bara Can You Say Bara

Say Bara He Does Hear Us Louder

Both Bara

Donald Duck Bara

Mickey Donald Hear Us And Stop

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