Mickey's Handy Helpers
Season 2, Episode 3
Air date January 27, 2008
Directed by Kelly Ward
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Mickey's Handy Helpers is an episode from the second season.


One day at the clubhouse, everyone is coming over for dinner. The doorbell rang, the door is stuck indeed so Mickey's friends can not come inside the clubhouse. Mickey and Pluto have to open to door to see what's there. Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and the professor arrived.

None of the handy helpers are not working properly. Professor Von Drake saw that the handy helpers are broken, but they squeak loud. Something should be wrong with that. Mickey can call Toodles. Mickey went to the mouskedoor. The mousketools are the bottle of shampoo, a butterfly net, shape wrenches and the mystery mousketool. 

The friends went down the slide to fix the handy helpers. The Handy Dandy Machine needs repairs. Mickey needs a mousketool. Mickey Mouse got some shape wrenches to fix it.

They have to tightnin their bolts. The crank turns to get to 100. The gears are turning now. Each time, the gear cranks again.

The machine stops again. It is no good at all, Mickey and his friends took off the old gears. They saw the new giant gear to get it fixed.

They all count to 100. The gears turn a little bit. Then there was trouble, Goofy's blue pants get stuck right now. The mousketools can help Goofy get a bottle of shampoo.

The shampoo is very slippery enough to get Goofy loose from the gear. The Handy Dandy Machine needs other new parts The spring has sprung Goofy into the air. Goofy hits the floor. The butterfly net can help Goofy stop getting into the air.

They caught Goofy from the butterfly net. The heart-shaped gear is caught underneath. Pluto's bouncy ball needs to be out of here. Toodles came with a mystery mousketool. It is a toy tweezer.

Pluto's squeaky bouncy ball was out. The Handy Dandy Machine is working again. They all ready caught Goofy with a butterfly net. They all have dinner after fixing the Handy Dandy Machine.

Mouskatools Edit

  1. Bottle Of Shampoo - To make the gears slippery
  2. A Net - To catch Goofy
  3. 4 Shape Wrenches - To tighten the bolts
  4. Toy Tweezers - To pull Pluto's Squeaky Ball