"Mickey's Pirate Adventure" is an episode from the fifth season of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that aired on October 10, 2014.


Mickey Pirates Adventure Island Sea Bucket Eggmi Says The Days.

Characters Edit

  • Mickey Mouse (captain)
  • Minnie Mouse (pirate dress)
  • Daisy Duck (diver dress)
  • Donald Duck (shirt)
  • Goofy (pirate)
  • Pete (peg leg)
  • Grandpappy (pirate)
  • Jolly-Belly (does not speak)
  • Eggmi [pirate dress]
  • Geomi [captain]
  • Chip N' Dale [two pirates]

Mouseketools Edit

  • A spyglass
  • An oar
  • A shift anchor and rope
  • A concertino

Gallery Edit

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