Mickey Mouse is the title character and protagonist of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He was voiced by Wayne Allwine in 2006–12, and Bret Iwan in 2012–16. And Samantha Kelly When He's Possessed By Dark Shadow Queen In Dark Minnie's Winter Bow Show.  


mickey black mouse 2 ft tall, black ears and nose, peach face, white gloves, red short overalls (shoulder straps sometimes included), yellow shoes, and a black tail.


Mickey was a baby in Goofy Babysitter.

When Mickey Is Possessed His Voice Is Samantha Kelly.

Mickey actually destroys his clubhouse in "Mickey-Go-Poop!"

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Dark Minnie's Winter Bow ShowEdit

Mickey Appears In Dark Minnie's Winter Bow Show He Did Not Appear Until At The End Of The Game. He Was Captured By A Shadow Demon Named Dark Shadow Queen. However Claycia And Vivian Meets A Shadow Demon When A Girl Tolds Them To Find A Shadow Demon. Once Dark Shadow Queen Is Defeated Mickey Will Be Released Dark Vivian Vanishes Away Along With Dark Beldam Dark Marilyn And Dark King Boo. Mickey Wakes Up While Claycia Says "The Darkness Must've Worn Out." Vivian Reunites Him. The He Asks Them To Have Cake With Them.

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