Original Air: May 5, 2006 - December 12, 2009 (68 episodes in Total)

The Disney Hero House!

Premise Edit

Anastasia Hercules Iago Jafar Maleficent and Megara are Heroes and have fun in the House


Jafar-The Heroic and Brave leader of the Hero House Gang and the boyfriend of Maleficent

Maleficent-The Heroine girlfriend of Jafar and loves singing rainbows doing Sorcerer magic with her boyfriend Jafar

Iago-The Funny Hero boyfriend of Anastasia he likes laughing even though sometimes when the Villains ask him and his friends to help them he replies sarcastically You have got to be kidding me! or say You're kidding but even though he gets angry with the Villains he loves his friends

Anastasia-The Heroine girlfriend of Iago she loves Iago and kisses him often saying Aw Iago you will always be my Prince!

Hercules-The strong Hero boyfriend of Megara he loves lifting the ladies and impresses them with his strong talent

Megara-The sassy Heroine girlfriend of Hercules she loves art painting and dancing with her friends but she can really sass the Vs with her sassy talk

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