Mickey and Minnie's Jungle Safari is an episode from the second season.


Minnie wants to have a picture of a hula hibicus to complete her flower picture collection, but she has only one day to get it, when it is in full bloom. She will need help from all her Clubhouse friends to get to where the flower is located Mickey and Donald and Mickey asks friends.

Characters PresentEdit


Toodles has another task, besides holding on the Mousketools. It has the tak of becoming a "Mousekamap" as well.


  • A giant toothbrush
  • A bag of peanuts
  • A pair of Pete's big pants
  • Umbrella


  • Minnie dosen't want her white underwear wet, but she's wearing her pink dress.
  • Besides holding the mousketools, Tootles also has the ability of holding the Mouskemap.

End CreditsEdit

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