Queen Sectonia Confronts Kirby

Queen Sectonia:My Dear Kirby I Thought We Were Friends! Why? Why Would You Do This To Me? Why?

Minnie's Birthday is the seventh episode of the first season.

Plot Edit

Today is Minnie's birthday, but the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse friends need to set up her brand new birthday party: First bake a cake, then inflate balloons and now surprise Minnie.

Characters PresentEdit

  1. Mickey Mouse
  2. Minnie Mouse
  3. Ludwig Von Drake
  4. Toodles
  5. Chip N' Dale
  6. Mortimer Mouse (Cannot speak)
  7. Daisy Duck
  8. Donald Duck
  9. Goofy
  10. Pluto

Absent Edit

  1. Pete
  2. Clarabelle Cow


  1. A Birthday Candle To Make A Wish
  2. A Baby Elephant - Blow Up The Balloons
  3. A Basket - To Put Strawberries Into
  4. A Jump Rope - To Keep Minnie's Busy


  1. Mortimer appeared seven years later in Super Adventure.
  2. Is the second-themed-party episode.