Mortimer's Army Of Ghosts is the first part of the two-part series finale of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, it contains references to the British Cult Sci-Fi TV series, Doctor Who and The Lion King. For example it will contain the 10th Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Mickey Smith who is often mistaken for Mickey Mouse, Jackie Tyler and the Cybermen and Daleks; some of the main characters from Doctor Who. The main villain is Mortimer Mouse, who plans to use the Cybermen as a means of taking over the Clubhouse World.

Opening script: Edit

Mickey: Oh, hello everybody! I'm gonna tell you a story beyond anything I ever heard!

Mickey: I had a horrible dream one night! There were ghosts walking all around me, but then they turned into metal men! Then Minnie tried to save me, but we then saw a flying sphere, it opened and 4 giant flying pepper pots flew out! That's how I met Donna Noble, that's how I met Jack Harkness, that's how I met Martha Jones, that's how I met Rose Tyler, and that's how I finally met the Doctor and realized the truth!

(Doctor Who 2005 theme plays)

David Tennant

Bret Iwan

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mortimer's Army Of Ghosts by Steven Moffat

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