Mouskadoer song is a song.

Lyrics Edit

Mousker hey, mousker hi, mousker ho.

Mousker ready, mousker set, here we go.

You're a thinking and a solving working througher.

Mousker me, mousker you, Mouskadoer.

Mousker me, mousker you, Mouskadoer.

Oh Toodles, it's time to get to it.

Show us the mouskatools to help us do it.

Meeska. Mooska. Mouskadoer.

Mouskatools. Mouskatools. Mouskatools.

Here are your mouskatools.

[Lists mouskatools]

And the mystery mouskatool.

That's a suprise tool that can help us later.

Toodles has the tools the mouskatools.

So when we need him Toodles will bring them.

He's here for meedles and youdles.

And all we have to say is "Oh Toodles."

All we have to say is "Oh Toodles."

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