New Wheels for Martian Mickey's Car is a episode from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


Toys (coming soon)


Mickey Mouse and Minnie help Martian Mickey to find the new wheels for Martian Mickey, Mickey singing "Mouseketools" A pogo stick, pump, tape and a mystery mousektool, that suprise tools to see us later, to so long Toodles from Mickey Mouse, Martian Mickey helps the discover of travel mouseketools to want of them, Mickey, Minnie and Martian Mickey say hello from Mortimer Mouse can't broken my flat tire, Mickey wants a Mouseketools, "Oh toodles" everybody said, Mickey says "A pogo stick, A pump, A tape and a mystery mouseketool" "Which one to see fix Mortimer Mouse's flat tire, A pump right" "We've got ears, Say cheers!" Mortimer Mouse fix a flat tire for a pump, Martian Mickey, Mickey and Minnie help Clarabelle Cow to fix the log can't fix it


  • A pogo stick
  • A pump
  • A tape
  • Rollerskates