Quoodles 2

Quoodles has a Pink Face and a Red Bow.

Quoodles is Toodles' new friend that he met in Space AdventureGoofy Runs Dry (does not speak)New Wheels for Martian Mickey's CarMortimer Mouse's MakeoverWayward Clarabelle and Steamie Donald. She's Space Pirate Pete's helper who seems quite friendly to him. She is away from Pete in Minnie-rella. She is voiced by Russi Taylor, who also voices Minnie Mouse. Toodles has a huge crush on her. Quoodles is really cute. She appears when the inside of the clubhouse is pink. The tools Quoodles has are called: Quoodles tools.


  • Space Adventure
  • Minnie-Rella
  • Minnie's Winter Bow Shows
  • Donald's Brand New Clubhouse 
  • Toodles and Quoodles Valentine  (Not Released)
  • Super Toodles and Quoodles  (Not Released)
  • Quoodles Kimono Tale  (Not Released)