1. No fan content is welcome in this wiki, it's only allowed on user logs. Go make your own Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Fanon Wiki!
  2. No sexual, obscene and any langeuage that is not appropriate for you to say at this wiki because Mickey and his friends do not like to hear bad language.
  3. No violent stuff like creepypasta or a character being killed, go make your own Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Creepypasta Wiki!
  4. No graffiti pictures or Fanon drawing allowed in this wiki! Only pictures of anything Mickey Mouse Clubhouse related allowed in this wiki.
  5. No sexual harassment.
  6. No vandalism.
  7. No inappropriate words like "poop", "pee" or "stupid".
  8. No MMC unrelated characters e.g. "SpongeBob SquarePants" or "Sammy Squrriel" is allowed in this wiki!
  9. No sex!
  10. If you break the rules, you will be blocked or banned by a Wiki Staff for doing bad edits.

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