Season 1 is a broadcast which has one special, Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt.


  • Exciting Specials - Space Suit and Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt
  • Special Days - Daisy Bo-Peep and A Surprise for Minnie
  • Flying in the Sky - Goofy's Bird and Donald's Big Balloon Race
  • All at Sea - Mickey Goes Fishing and Donald and the Beanstalk
  • Special Occasions - Minnie's Birthday and Donald and the Frog Prince
  • Exciting Adventures - Goofy on Mars and Mickey Go-Seek
  • Helping Out - Daisy's Dance and Pluto's Ball
  • The Best Day Ever - Mickey's Treasure Hunt and Pluto's Best
  • Happy Days - Mickey's Treat and Pluto's Puppy-Sitting Adventure
  • Rescues - Daisy in the Sky and Mickey Saves Santa
  • The Great Day - Minnie Red Riding Hood and Goofy the Great
  • Curious Specials - Goofy's Petting Zoo and Doctor Daisy, M.D.
  • Tall Tales - Mickey's Color Adventure and Sleeping Minnie
  • Busy Days - Donald's Lost Lion and Donald's Hiccups

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