Season 2 is a Mickey Mouse download.


  • Train Stations - Mickey's Train Stations and Mickey's Clubhouse Choo-Choo
  • Fancy Days - Fancy Dancin' Goofy and Goofy the Homemaker
  • Picnics and Parties - Goofy Baby and Minnie's Picnic
  • Projects - Goofy in Training and Daisy's Pet Project
  • Silly and Funny - Goofy's Hat and Mickey's Silly Problem
  • Special Celebrations - Numbers Roundup and Mickey's Big Band Concert
  • Occasions - Donald's Special Delivery, Detective Minnie and Pluto's Bubble Bath
  • Exciting Stuff - Clarabelle's Clubhouse Carnival and Mickey and Minnie's Jungle Safari
  • Jobs - Mickey's Big Job and Secret Spy Daisy
  • Gone Fishing - Mickey's Art Show and Mickey's Camp Out
  • Solving Some Mysteries - Minnie's Mystery and Sir-Goofs-a-Lot
  • Surprises - Mickey's Thanks a Bunch a Lot and Mickey's Big Surprise
  • Earth - Mickey's Comet and Minnie's Rainbow
  • Shows and Music - Clarabelle's Clubhouse Moo-sical and Goofy Goes Goofy
  • Friendship - Space Captain Donald and The Friendship Team
  • Sea and Fish - Mickey's Message from Mars and Pete's Beach Blanket Luau 
  • Something Fishy - Mickey and the Enchanted Egg and Donald's Ducks
  • Jungle Quest Adventure - Pluto's Playmate and Goofy's Coconutty Monkey
  • Stories - Minnie's Bee Story and Goofy's Super Wish
  • Party Time - Daisy the Painter and Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland

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