(Opens up when the curtian opens up)

April Winchell: (as Donna Duck) Hey, Mick, What did one sock puppet said to the other sock puppet? (as Mickey Mouse) I don't know, Donna. What? (as Donna Duck) You look like you can use a hand! (laughing)

(Curtain closes up)

Bobs Gannaway: (as Donald Duck) That joke was really something. (as Goofy) Yeah, something terrible. (laughing)

(Cuts to Bill Cow in his bed)

Bill Cow: Aaaaaah!

(turns his sock puppet to the side of the bed and goes back to sleep.)

(Cut to the Disney Television Animation and Disney Junior logos; dramatic music plays)

(Snap to black; Page says that "Copyright C Disney Enterprises, Inc All rights reserved.")

(Black screen)

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