The Great Rescue is an upcoming UK DVD containing seven episodes.


To the rescue! Donald is building a new clubhouse and Mickey and his friends build and then the wind blows and the hat fell off and the crane has to lift it onto the roof. The bathtub leaks and Donald helps a mousketool for Toodles and Mickey, Goofy and Pluto get bandages to fix some leaks and the bathtub goes inside. Minnie and Daisy came back and the mousketool brought blocks and then the clubhouse is finished, everyone left Donald behind and everyone gave him a group hug. Donald's clubhouse was new.


  1. Pop Star Minnie
  2. Mickey's Sport-y-Thon
  3. Donald's Brand New Clubhouse
  4. Oh Toodles
  5. Donald Jr.
  6. Chef Goofy on the Go!
  7. Martian Minnie's Tea Party

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