Description Edit

Halloween comes on Trick or Treat Goofy tries with Grandpappy comes back to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to stay for Halloween Mickey goes to a castle to see Pete Daisy Mickey Goofy find Donald Chip Dale and Pete at the castle Mickey Minnie Daisy Donald Goofy and Pluto goes to see a new ship Jolly-Belly to see a new friend Grandpappy and Donald tells Clarabelle Cow Minnie Daisy The Go Getters on a treats for Halloween time. Halloween Treats are on the Halloween Party.

Episodes Edit

  1. The Lost Pirate Guy
  2. Mickey's Treat (Bert Iwn voiced)
  3. Daisy's Pony Tale
  4. Mickey's Pirate Treasure
  5. The Go Getters and the Halloween

Bonus Features Edit

  • It's Halloween Time karaoke music video
  • The Halloween Treats Game

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