Time Adpardonx Enforcement Educational IDontKnow Eating Sqroundron is a film that was released at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It was been at the clubhouse, because the other movies are sold out. It was released in February 14, 2011.


It was announced by Mickey Mouse


They're battling Time Baby to death. Blendin Blandin defeats it. Lolph and Dungren were so proud.


(Opens up in the year 207012)

People: AAH! It's coming.

Time Baby: (evil laughter)

(Blendin Blandin appears)

Time Baby: Huh?

Blendin Blandin: You bad baby! (Movements: You; running, bad; about to shoot the gun, baby; he shoots the gun)

Time Baby: (falls to death) GRRRRRRRRRR!

Lolph: Great job, blendin.

Dungren: Great job.

Cast and CrewEdit



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