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Toodles is the Clubhouse's brain and a good friend to everyone. Toodles was created to hold Mousekatools and and give it to Mickey and Friends whenever the needed it. Toodles comes when the friends says Oh Toodles!"

Creation Edit

Toodles was created by Ludwig Von Drake in order to help the friends whenever they reach an obstacle that is too difficult.

Mousekatools Edit

The Mousekatools are tools that are kept inside of Toodles.

 Toodles will come all the time with all the right tools. The mousekatools do not always work and the friends will sometimes have to do it themselves. In Cameo at episode young called: Goofy Baby

Birthday Edit

Toodles - Face

Toodles gets a face.

It was shown the friends really cared about Toodles in the episode Happy Birthday Toodles when Mickey, Donald, Minnie, Goofy, Daisy, Pluto and Professor Von Drake got together and threw Toodles a big surprise birthday party. He got lots of presents.

He gets a face and a voice for the very first time in this episode. In other episodes he just a helper with no face. But in the special episodes his face and voice will come in either before after the Mousekatools are installed inside him from the Mousekadoer.

In other episodes, during the Hot Dog Dance, he returns to the mousekadoer after helping his friends out and as the crew leaves, he stays. But if he has his face and is used as a character in the show he will do the Hot Dog Dance with his friends and then he flies back to the mousekadoer and when the gang is outside his face is gone at first but then his face returns as he flies out the mousekadoer and continues to dance with the gang and he leaves the clubhouse at that.

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Toodles RobotEdit

A robot version of Toodles was made for the bumpers on Playhouse Disney in 2012 with buttons all over him for a variety of different personalities, e.g. like a clay button to make him act like clay and have a button to make him have a blue face, and has Rob Paulsen's voice like on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse film Road Rally (2011). Get him for $59.99 and you can have your own Toodles.

Toodles Major ApperancesEdit

Season 4 all Episodes


"Happy Birthday to Me!" (First line in Happy Birthday Toodles)

Trivia Edit

He is called Toodly by Xavier Xerox.

  • Toodles' head looks a lot like Mickey Mouse.
  • He is voiced by Rob Paulsen when he talks in "Happy Birthday Toodles", "Road Rally", "Space Adventure", "Mickey and Donald Have A Farm". New Wheels for marting Mickey's Car Santa's Best Friend the wizerd of dizz and the big Cuckoo-Loca hunt.  he is voiced by Dan Ashworth on the Playhouse Disney bumpers and some scenes in over films. he gets actors voices ant talks through them he is voiced by mark s Tiwan on Playhouse Disney news.
  • Paulsen also voices Toodles in Mouskersize shorts. At the End of Mickey Mousekersize, Toodles says "See ya next time".
  • He has a crush on Quoodles.
  • Toodles He is voiced by Rob Paulsen, who also voiced Carl Wheezer from Jimmy Neutron Movie & Series, Beetle from The Ant Bully, Peck the Rooster and Gopher from Barnyard, Seagull from The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, Bobble from Tinker Bell trilogy,